Unicornlens Wildfire Eyes Halloween Lens


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Unicornlens Wildfire Eyes Halloween Lens

Unleash the fire within with Unicornlens’ Wildfire Eyes Halloween Lens! These fiery orange and yellow lenses will transform your eyes into a pair of blazing infernos that burn down the street.

With brilliant flames licking across a smoldering orange iris paired with flickering bursts of golden yellow, these hyper-realistic cosplay lenses set the eyes ablaze. Anyone who gets too close may feel their eyebrows singe off under their scorching glare!

Whether you’re portraying an elemental fire spirit or just want to lend some incendiary chaos to your costume, Wildfire Eyes ensure all will feel the heat. The flickering flame animation and dynamic color shifts make these lenses hypnotic to behold – friend or foe won’t be able to look away!

Made with medical-grade materials for all-night wear, these flaming contacts keep things safely fiery-hot without irritation. You’ll feel free to roar through the darkness, throwing caution to the wind like a true pyro would!

Wildfire Eyes heat up any Halloween with hellraising realism and fiery panache. Spark terror in others, but most of all ignite your own passion for Halloween chaos! Come nightfall, the whole neighborhood will feel the burn.

Product Specification

Frequency 12 Months Wear
Material Polymacon
Base Curve 8.6mm
Lens Diameter 14.5mm
Water Content 45%
Lens Type Plano and Myopia only
Origin Manufactured in South Korea or China
Certification ISO13485, CE, FDA & most International standards


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