Unicornlens Yellow Manson Cosplay Contacts


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Unicornlens Yellow Manson Cosplay Contacts

Channel your inner chaos with the Unicornlens Yellow Manson Cosplay Contacts. Inspired by the iconic eyes of the rock star himself, Charles Manson, these sunken yellow contacts will help you get into character for your ultra-creepy costume.

The shades of deep amber and gold recreate Manson’s unsettling, malnourished eye look with haunting accuracy. Combined with your best unshowered wig and greasy grin, you’ll have the deranged cult leader vibe down perfectly.

Made with hyper-realistic 3D modeling and medical-grade materials, these cosplay lenses feel incredibly natural on your eyes. Your cosplay photos will send chills down spines with their unblinking, maniacal gleam.

Whether you’re performing a Manson song at a Halloween bash or need the ultimate unbalanced vibe for a serial killer convention, these contacts complete your off-kilter character. Slip into madness all day or night without discomfort.

Let the darkness take control this season with Unicornlens Yellow Manson Cosplay Contacts. Creep out friends, followers and foes with the signature stare of pop culture’s most disturbing icon. Helter skelter, baby!

Product Specification

Frequency 6 Months Wear
Material Polymacon
Base Curve 8.6mm
Lens Diameter 14.5mm
Water Content 45%
Lens Type Plano and Myopia only
Origin Manufactured in South Korea Or China
Certification ISO13485, CE, FDA & most International standards


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