Our Story

Every business idea always starts with a solution to a problem, and our idea came from a painful incident. We were deeply saddened when the daughter of a long-time friend of mine suffered irreversible and profound eye damage after accidentally buying poor quality colored contact lenses. We were even more surprised by the subsequent investigation that the market was flooded with too many poor quality colored contact lenses, many without color safety barriers and from unknown manufacturers, meaning that most girls without professional discernment were potentially harmed. Girls need a variety of colored contact lenses to match their outfits and moods, but that means spending a lot of money and the daily act of being in close contact with their eyes for long periods of time can be dangerous. And with my daughter growing up, I knew I needed to do something about it! To solve a problem: big brands are too expensive and others are full of unknown risks! So I decided to create a safe, fast, stylish, and inexpensive colored contact lens brand called Unicornlens, named after my daughter’s favorite unicorn. The brand will cut out all the middlemen and sell directly to customers after customization from the best quality manufacturers. We dream that every girl will be able to get colored contact lenses from Unicornlens that she will love and whose safety can be guaranteed, making life more fun without the risk of the unknown.

We firmly believe that Unicornlens will become a better choice for boys and girls for high quality fashion colored contact lens products, and we hope that more influential people will join us to experience our products for free and let more girls know about Unicornlens!

The core concept of this brand is also my daughter’s wish. Quality Contact Lenses That Everybody Can Afford !

Our Story - Colored Contact Lenses - Colored Contact Lenses , Colored Contacts , Glasses Our Story - Colored Contact Lenses - Colored Contact Lenses , Colored Contacts , Glasses