Unicornlens Zombie White Screen Halloween Lens


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Ready to unleash your inner zombie this Halloween? Unleash bloody mayhem with the Unicornlens Zombie White Screen Halloween Lens!

These creepy zombie lenses will transform your eyes into the pale, white orbs of the undead. A hollow white screen covers the iris, erasing any traces of life from the eyes. Veins of blood red highlight the unnatural whiteness of the zombie eye.

Wear these terrifying lenses to complete your zombie Halloween costume. With their lifeless white eyes, anyone who catches a glimpse of you will believe you’ve risen from the grave! The ghoulish lenses are incredibly lifelike and realistic. People may do a double take in fright!

Made from high-quality medical-grade materials, the Zombie White Screen lenses are super comfortable to wear. You’ll feel confident shuffling along as a zombie all night long without any irritations. Plus, the lenses are easy to apply and remove for a seamless costume effect.

Scare your friends and neighbors this Halloween with the bone-chilling gaze of the living dead. Unleash the zombie within and bring frights to the frightening night with Unicornlens Zombie White Screen Halloween Lens! Grrrraaaains…


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