Unicornlens White Sharingan Contacts


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Unicornlens White Sharingan Contacts

Why do you need a pair of Sharingan Contacts?

Sharingan is the character Kakashi who uses his Sharingan to save his students from their enemies in the NART manga.Sharingan is the Japanese transliteration of the writing wheel eye, which means “duplicate chakra eye”. The writing wheel eye is named because it directly affects the eye, turning it red with a black comma-like pattern called tomoe. a more advanced form of Sharingan, Mangekyō Sharingan, can be awakened with a more complex pattern, similar to the wind and fire chakra. It also allows those who possess it to duplicate their opponents. It is almost exclusively restricted to ninjas belonging to the Uchiha clan.

The term is directly related to the anime and manga, which only became popular in its source material. NART is arguably the easier of the two to understand, with interest in the series rising after NART first aired in the United States beginning in 2005. It was so popular, in fact, that the NART manga was the first manga to appear on the USA Today bestseller list. It also became the seventh most popular search on Yahoo in 2008.

Unicornlens contacts product principles.

We simply put more attention into fashionable fancy designs based on quality, safety and cheapness than other brands.

1. FDA and CE certified quality
Safety comes first. All of our contacts are FDA approved and CE marked, and meet international medical quality standards.

2. Sandwich Wrap Technology
The current globally recognized safe technology model embeds the pigment layer between the two layers of lenses to prevent direct contact of the pigment with the cornea, with perfect sealing technology to ensure maximum safety of wear.

3. Application of top quality non-ionic materials
We use extremely pure non-ionic materials for the production of colored contact lenses, which increase the water content of the lenses, make them soft and comfortable, and prevent protein deposits to the greatest extent possible.

4. High oxygen permeability and high water content
Our products allow a large amount of oxygen to pass through and have a water content of up to 38%. These lenses help to maintain a high level of moisture in your eyes, so they are very comfortable to wear on a daily basis, without drying and without foreign body sensation.

5. Effectively block UV radiation damage
All of our products can effectively block UV rays from the sun’s rays that can damage the eyes.

6. High durability of use
The durability of our products can reach 12 months, which is more cost effective compared to other daily disposable products.

21 reviews for Unicornlens White Sharingan Contacts

  1. Avatar Of Ornella Dubois

    Ornella Dubois (verified owner)

    Die Farben sind so lebendig und realistisch! Ich fühle mich wie ein Filmstar mit diesen Kontaktlinsen.

  2. Avatar Of Aiden Binder

    Aiden Binder (verified owner)

    The lenses look really good and feel really comfortable, even after long hours of use.

  3. Avatar Of Lucas Roberts

    Lucas Roberts (verified owner)

    Die Farbkontaktlinsen sind von hoher Qualität und fühlen sich sehr natürlich an. Ich trage sie den ganzen Tag und meine Augen fühlen sich nie trocken an. Ich werde sie auf jeden Fall wieder kaufen.

  4. Avatar Of Evan Cook

    Evan Cook (verified owner)

    Highly recommend the colored contact lenses. Excellent value for money.

  5. Avatar Of Sophia Winkler

    Sophia Winkler (verified owner)

    Umweltfreundlich und stilvoll? Das sind genau die Art von Kontaktlinsen, die ich suche.

  6. Avatar Of Colette Keller

    Colette Keller (verified owner)

    J’adore le nouveau design de ces lentilles de contact colorées. Elles sont belles et très confortables.

  7. Avatar Of Arianna Phillips

    Arianna Phillips (verified owner)

    Je suis très soucieux de l’environnement et c’est pourquoi j’ai choisi ces lentilles de couleur. Elles sont fabriquées à partir de matériaux naturels et sans produits chimiques agressifs. Je les recommande à tous ceux qui cherchent une option éco-responsable.

  8. Avatar Of Leo Taylor

    Leo Taylor (verified owner)

    Ces lentilles sont faciles à porter et à entretenir, avec des couleurs vibrantes qui me donnent l’air cool et confiant.

  9. Avatar Of Olivia Heinrich

    Olivia Heinrich (verified owner)

    I am a big fan of these colored contacts! They are so comfortable and the designs are so fun. (English)

  10. Avatar Of Nathan Schwarz

    Nathan Schwarz (verified owner)

    The lenses look really good and feel really comfortable, even after long hours of use.

  11. Avatar Of Everly Lehmann

    Everly Lehmann (verified owner)

    These contacts are amazing! They make my eyes look so beautiful and bright. I can wear them for hours and my eyes never feel dry or irritated.

  12. Avatar Of Avery Braun

    Avery Braun (verified owner)

    I never thought I would be able to find colored contacts that fit as comfortably as these! They are perfect for all-day wear and never leave my eyes feeling dry or fatigued. Highly recommend! ?

  13. Avatar Of Asher Sauer

    Asher Sauer (verified owner)

    The quality of these contacts is superb! They’re comfortable, affordable, and perfect for everyday wear.

  14. Avatar Of Evelyn Schwarz

    Evelyn Schwarz (verified owner)

    Sono molto soddisfatta del prodotto, la qualità delle lenti a contatto è eccezionale e i colori sono molto vivaci e naturali.

  15. Avatar Of Julia Hahn

    Julia Hahn (verified owner)

    La qualité de ces lentilles est incroyable. Les couleurs sont vives et éclatantes et la qualité est excellente.

  16. Avatar Of Justin Berger

    Justin Berger (verified owner)

    Lavorazione di alta qualità e molto confortevole da indossare.

  17. Avatar Of Axel Schneider

    Axel Schneider (verified owner)

    These contact lenses are great for cosplay! They look really natural and are comfortable to wear all day. (English)

  18. Avatar Of Daria Maier

    Daria Maier (verified owner)

    “For the price, these colored contacts are unbeatable. The quality is amazing and I love the variety of colors available.”

  19. Avatar Of Helena Leclerc

    Helena Leclerc (verified owner)

    The quality of these color contacts is amazing! They’re so comfortable to wear and the colors are so vivid.

  20. Avatar Of Elijah Hahn

    Elijah Hahn (verified owner)

    “I’ve noticed that many celebrities wear the same contacts, so I’m in good company!”

  21. Avatar Of Carlotta Henry

    Carlotta Henry (verified owner)

    I’ve tried many brands but this one has the most realistic and beautiful patterns. Highly recommend.

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