Unicornlens Mother of Dragons Eyes Blue Colored Contact Lenses


(23 customer reviews)

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Unicornlens Mother of Dragons Eyes Blue Colored Contact Lenses

Why do you need a pair of Mother of Dragons Eyes Series?

Unicornlens contacts product principles.

We simply put more attention into fashionable fancy designs based on quality, safety and cheapness than other brands.

1. FDA and CE certified quality
Safety comes first. All of our contacts are FDA approved and CE marked, and meet international medical quality standards.

2. Sandwich Wrap Technology
The current globally recognized safe technology model embeds the pigment layer between the two layers of lenses to prevent direct contact of the pigment with the cornea, with perfect sealing technology to ensure maximum safety of wear.

3. Application of top quality non-ionic materials
We use extremely pure non-ionic materials for the production of colored contact lenses, which increase the water content of the lenses, make them soft and comfortable, and prevent protein deposits to the greatest extent possible.

4. High oxygen permeability and high water content
Our products allow a large amount of oxygen to pass through and have a water content of up to 38%. These lenses help to maintain a high level of moisture in your eyes, so they are very comfortable to wear on a daily basis, without drying and without foreign body sensation.

5. Effectively block UV radiation damage
All of our products can effectively block UV rays from the sun’s rays that can damage the eyes.

6. High durability of use
The durability of our products can reach 12 months, which is more cost effective compared to other daily disposable products.

23 reviews for Unicornlens Mother of Dragons Eyes Blue Colored Contact Lenses

  1. Avatar Of Brigitte Müller

    Brigitte Müller (verified owner)

    J’adore mes lentilles colorées, elles sont confortables et ont l’air très naturelles.

  2. Avatar Of Federica Peters

    Federica Peters (verified owner)

    “Les verres de contact colorés sont magnifiques. Je les utilise régulièrement et je n’ai jamais eu aucun problème avec eux.”

  3. Avatar Of Roberta Weiß

    Roberta Weiß (verified owner)

    These colored contact lenses look really cool and trendy and I can still see very clearly with them on.

  4. Avatar Of Simone Engel

    Simone Engel (verified owner)

    La qualità è eccellente! Sono comode da indossare e le varie sfumature di colore sono molto realistiche.

  5. Avatar Of Kingston Lehmann

    Kingston Lehmann (verified owner)

    These color contact lenses are amazing! They’re comfortable to wear and the color looks so natural.

  6. Avatar Of Aaliyah Simon

    Aaliyah Simon (verified owner)

    These contacts are so comfortable that I forget I’m even wearing them.

  7. Avatar Of Aubrey Hoffmann

    Aubrey Hoffmann (verified owner)

    Much cheaper than most contact lenses websites.

  8. Avatar Of Carmela Schulze

    Carmela Schulze (verified owner)

    I’ve seen so many celebrities wearing these same color contact lenses, and now I know why – they’re absolutely stunning!

  9. Avatar Of Connor Hofmann

    Connor Hofmann (verified owner)

    Thankful for the safety measures taken for these color lenses. Will surely continue using them.

  10. Avatar Of Fleur Binder

    Fleur Binder (verified owner)

    La qualità del prodotto è eccellente. Li consiglio vivamente.

  11. Avatar Of Julie Murphy

    Julie Murphy (verified owner)

    I can’t get enough of these beautifully patterned contact lenses! They are so unique and come in so many different colors. My eyes feel great wearing them, too.

  12. Avatar Of Annika Rousseau

    Annika Rousseau (verified owner)

    “I have been using these colored contacts for years and I am always impressed with their quality.”

  13. Avatar Of Julia Sauer

    Julia Sauer (verified owner)

    Perfekt! Tolle Qualität und sehr bequem zu tragen!

  14. Avatar Of Arianna Weiß

    Arianna Weiß (verified owner)

    “These contacts don’t dry out my eyes like other contacts I’ve tried in the past. They’re so comfortable to wear all day.”

  15. Avatar Of Margarethe Morris

    Margarethe Morris (verified owner)

    Sono felice di aver comprato queste lenti a contatto colorate. Sono molto comode e danno un colorito naturale agli occhi.

  16. Avatar Of Grayson Rodriguez

    Grayson Rodriguez (verified owner)

    The customer service is excellent and they responded quickly to all of my questions.

  17. Avatar Of Veronica Williams

    Veronica Williams (verified owner)

    The colors are so vivid and the patterns are stunning! I love how comfortable they feel in my eyes too. Definitely recommended for anyone looking for high-quality colored contacts.

  18. Avatar Of Kinsley Collins

    Kinsley Collins (verified owner)

    Ich kaufe diese Linse immer wieder, da sie so bequem zu tragen sind und mein Auge nicht austrocknen.

  19. Avatar Of Kennedy Sauer

    Kennedy Sauer (verified owner)

    The moisturizing technology ensures that my eyes never feel dry or irritated.

  20. Avatar Of Ava Lefebvre

    Ava Lefebvre (verified owner)

    The colored contact lenses are really great, they never make my eyes feel dry. ?

  21. Avatar Of Everett Schubert

    Everett Schubert (verified owner)

    These lenses have become my go-to for special occasions. They are comfortable to wear and the colors are absolutely stunning.

  22. Avatar Of Collin Ziegler

    Collin Ziegler (verified owner)

    This is my go-to brand for colored contacts. The quality is unbeatable and they are so comfortable.

  23. Avatar Of Aurélie Schmitt

    Aurélie Schmitt (verified owner)

    Tolle Farben, Top Preise und Kundenservice! Ich liebe es!

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