Unicornlens Magic Big Eyes Girl Brown Colored Contact Lenses


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Unicornlens Magic Big Eyes Girl Brown Colored Contact Lenses

Why do you need a pair of Magic Big Eyes Girl Contacts?

Designer Inspiration – Magic Big Eyes Girl
Magic Big Eyes Girl colored contact lenses can make your eyes bigger. Big-eyed girls are always the representatives of smart and cute, and this gradient design makes your eyes bigger more naturally.

Unicornlens contacts product principles.

We simply put more attention into fashionable fancy designs based on quality, safety and cheapness than other brands.

1. FDA and CE certified quality
Safety comes first. All of our contacts are FDA approved and CE marked, and meet international medical quality standards.

2. Sandwich Wrap Technology
The current globally recognized safe technology model embeds the pigment layer between the two layers of lenses to prevent direct contact of the pigment with the cornea, with perfect sealing technology to ensure maximum safety of wear.

3. Application of top quality non-ionic materials
We use extremely pure non-ionic materials for the production of colored contact lenses, which increase the water content of the lenses, make them soft and comfortable, and prevent protein deposits to the greatest extent possible.

4. High oxygen permeability and high water content
Our products allow a large amount of oxygen to pass through and have a water content of up to 38%. These lenses help to maintain a high level of moisture in your eyes, so they are very comfortable to wear on a daily basis, without drying and without foreign body sensation.

5. Effectively block UV radiation damage
All of our products can effectively block UV rays from the sun’s rays that can damage the eyes.

6. High durability of use
The durability of our products can reach 12 months, which is more cost effective compared to other daily disposable products.

24 reviews for Unicornlens Magic Big Eyes Girl Brown Colored Contact Lenses

  1. Avatar Of Emilie Baker

    Emilie Baker (verified owner)

    These contact lenses are eco-friendly, which is a huge plus for me. The colors are stunning and they don’t harm the environment.

  2. Avatar Of Hannah Huber

    Hannah Huber (verified owner)

    J’adore ces lentilles de contact! Les couleurs sont si vives et ils sont super confortables. Je les recommande à tout le monde!

  3. Avatar Of Rosalie Blanc

    Rosalie Blanc (verified owner)

    Sono felice di aver acquistato le mie lenti a contatto colorate da qui! Sono di alta qualità e belle da vedere. Grazie per il servizio eccellente!

  4. Avatar Of Aubrey Keller

    Aubrey Keller (verified owner)

    J’adore les lentilles de couleur que j’ai achetées! Elles sont si confortables à porter et offrent un look distinctif pour toutes les occasions spéciales.

  5. Avatar Of Carter Schneider

    Carter Schneider (verified owner)

    Die Bestellung war sehr einfach und der Versand war schnell. Ich bin mit der Qualität und dem Service sehr zufrieden und werde definitiv wieder bestellen.

  6. Avatar Of Aubree Reuter

    Aubree Reuter (verified owner)

    Absolutely gorgeous! I always get compliments when I wear these lenses.

  7. Avatar Of Leni Williams

    Leni Williams (verified owner)

    I’ve tried a lot of different brands, but these are the only ones that don’t make my eyes feel dry or itchy.

  8. Avatar Of Nora Adams

    Nora Adams (verified owner)

    Ces lentilles sont incroyablement confortables et faciles à mettre. J’adore porter ces lentilles pour mon cosplay et les couleurs sont vraiment magnifiques.

  9. Avatar Of Corbin Mitchell

    Corbin Mitchell (verified owner)

    I’ve never found contacts so comfortable to wear! They feel like I’m not even wearing them at all.

  10. Avatar Of Ava Evans

    Ava Evans (verified owner)

    I colori sono incredibilmente vivaci e realistici! Sono davvero felice di aver acquistato queste lenti a contatto.

  11. Avatar Of Leah Hoffmann

    Leah Hoffmann (verified owner)

    These colored contact lenses are so lightweight and barely noticeable that I forget I’m even wearing them.

  12. Avatar Of Colton Allen

    Colton Allen (verified owner)

    Ich liebe die verschiedenen Muster und die Farben auf meinen farbigen Kontaktlinsen! Es ist wirklich eine erstaunliche Erfahrung.

  13. Avatar Of Teresa Adams

    Teresa Adams (verified owner)

    Je recommande vivement ce produit à tout le monde. Le service client est excellent et le produit est incroyable.

  14. Avatar Of Sylvie Walker

    Sylvie Walker (verified owner)

    These lenses don’t dry my eyes out like others have in the past. They’re also easy to put in and take out.

  15. Avatar Of Valérie Weber

    Valérie Weber (verified owner)

    I love that these lenses don’t dry out my eyes during the day. The customer service is incredibly responsive and always helpful. Great product overall!

  16. Avatar Of Bianca Morgan

    Bianca Morgan (verified owner)

    Ho effettuato il mio secondo acquisto perché sono rimasto molto soddisfatto. Colori belli e materiali di alta qualità.

  17. Avatar Of Sylvie Sander

    Sylvie Sander (verified owner)

    I’ve tried a few different brands and these are by far the best. Quality is amazing and the price is unbeatable.

  18. Avatar Of Daniel Meier

    Daniel Meier (verified owner)

    I have recommended these contact lenses to all of my friends, they are just that good. The service is fantastic, too!

  19. Avatar Of Evan Schumann

    Evan Schumann (verified owner)

    Not only are they high quality, but they’re also environmentally friendly. I love supporting eco-conscious brands.

  20. Avatar Of Cameron Perrin

    Cameron Perrin (verified owner)

    These contacts are not only beautiful but also very eco-friendly. I love that they come in biodegradable packaging and I can feel good about my purchase.

  21. Avatar Of Penelope Adams

    Penelope Adams (verified owner)

    Die Farben sind so lebhaft und realistisch. Ich bekomme ständig Komplimente darüber, wie meine Augen so lebendig aussehen! Ich liebe diese farbigen Kontaktlinsen.

  22. Avatar Of Liam Schulze

    Liam Schulze (verified owner)

    La qualité du produit est excellente et les couleurs sont vraiment belles. Je suis très satisfait de mon achat et je recommande vivement à tous les utilisateurs de lentilles de contact.

  23. Avatar Of Ginevra Jung

    Ginevra Jung (verified owner)

    Been ordering these colored contact lenses for years and the quality just keeps getting better and better. ?

  24. Avatar Of Lincoln Möller

    Lincoln Möller (verified owner)

    Super light and no more dry eyes. Fit perfectly, never feel uncomfortable.

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