Unicornlens Abstrait Coco Green Contact Lenses


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The Abstrait Coco Green contact lenses infuse eyes with an artistic splash of cool intrigue. Their rich green hue evokes nature’s harmonizing calm within fast-paced modern life.

Abstract flecks catch light to reflect your multifaceted inner world. Slip them on to appreciate each day’s myriad hues through your own creative lens, unbound by any singular viewpoint.

Crafted for all-day comfort from sustainable materials, these contact lenses prioritize nurturing mind and body – that you may explore freely as visionary traveler on life’s meandering journey.

Let soft color remind our shared capacity for wonder and insight beyond surface views. May eyes meet as kindred souls, attentive to different experiences through empathy, nuance and care.

Express your authentic essence by courage to live fully yet harm none. Together may we cultivate understanding where uniqueness and shared humanity thrive in community.

This season and always, capture simple gifts of each fleeting moment by walking consciously through your own multi-dimensional way.


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